Department of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology,
Institute of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management,

Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary

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(The homepage is under continuous construction!)

With the aid of the illustrative material of the present homepage our aim is to increase the knowledge of our students first of all in the fields of botany, mycology, nature conservation and environmental protection. Under the heading 'Plant families and their species occurring in Hungary' among others those species are demonstrated, the recognition of which is obligatory for our students. The list will be continuously enlarged. We also plan to demonstrate the most important morphological characteristics that can be used for the identification of the species and prepare a presentation of the plant species protected in Hungary. In the 'Environmental protection and landscape management' part the most important problems of these scientific fields will be illustrated with practical examples. Our current illustrative material contains pictures and descriptions of plant species as well as material concerning some important environmental issues.


Enthusiastic botanists

Plant families and their species occurring in Hungary

Australian plants


Mushrooms of Hungary

Mushrooms of Peninsular Malaysia


Birds of Hungary

Birds of the Danube Delta, Romania

Birds of Australia

Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection

Nature conservation

Environmental protection and landscape management

Field Practices

Vértes Project, 2003 (in Hungarian and German)

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The authors of the homepage are indepted to Mr Andrew Gagg for having corrected several of their lingual mistakes, and Mr Zoltán Klár, Dr Hamid Ejtehadi Bajestani as well as Mrs Annamária Arató-Baumann for their technical help in the construction of the homepage.